Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Body Shop Haul

So as you may think, it looks like I went a bit crazy at The Body Shop, and boy did I!!
I originally went in specifically for the Vitamin E moisturizer because I had gone through all my skincare at home and tossed everything that I no longer used or that was old. More importantly anything that was leaning on the more chemically side. I had posted about my skin woes here so take a look to find out more.  I ended up leaving with alot more because they were having some good deals going on in store that I just couldn't pass up. 
There was a kit that had a full sized vitamin e cleanser, vitamin e hydrating toner, vitamin e body butter and the vitamin e day moisture, all for only $35 which was a steal seeing as how normally all four of those items bought separately would have been $61!
As well I picked up the vitamin e face mist, and the warming mineral mask because of how much I loved the befine warming mask (posted about here) and they were having a buy two get one free so I added the moroccan rose body milk which I have to say SMELLS DIVINE! 
Then at the counter I just popped a lemon hand sanitizer in my basket because I have been loving the fresh lemon scent lately. 
Overall it was a definite success and I cant wait to tell you all my thoughts on these products!

Are you a fan of The Body Shop?  What are some of your favorite products?


  1. Replies
    1. What are your favorite products?? :)

    2. Oh gosh! Too many to choose from. I have really been loving this Almond Hand cream I got there not long ago. I work out with gloves in the gym and I swear this cream has done wonders for my hands. I did a little post on my blog about it a while back. Other than that just as a general exfoliant I love their body scrubs!

  2. I love both the body butters and lip butters in mango and strawberry. They smell good enough to eat.



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