Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nail Polish Haul

Its not like I need anymore nail polish but I was once again suckered in to these fabulous colors and deals so here is what I got!
L-R (Fast Track, Argo, Smoke and Ashes, Luxe and Lush)
Got these at Ulta and can I just try and explain how much I am in love with the last color on the right. I am so excited to put that over every nail polish I wear for a while! Not very often do I buy the little sets but I seemed to like all of these colors and thought why not, and I am not sure if you can tell how big these are but they are much bigger then the OPI little ones they come out with. 

L-R (Ocean, Jet Set for Paris, Cloud)
These I picked up at Target just paroozing on my lunch break from work (I work at Starbucks across the parking lot) and thought 1. I dont have colors such as these and 2. What cute spring.summer colors! 

So what colors are you into this coming spring and summer for your nails?


  1. I'm really into neon colours for summer
    but I really like the look of your new china glaze set x
    - ordaining serendipity

    1. SAME HERE :) I have been loving bright colors but these just made me gasp.

  2. Cute post! Want to follow each other darling?? let me know what you think!!

    Belle De Jour


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