Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Best Shave Lotion Youll Ever Find!

 I found out that the ever so popular EOS makes a shaving cream and was quite intrigued. Before this I would always use a typical shaving foam type of product. At first when I started using this I was a little put off because the consistency is very much like a lotion. Just a little lighter. However I was so very wrong, I love love love love love this shave lotion and will never turn away! You can use this wet or dry and its so moisturizing and amazing.
It leaves the skin very soft and is so silky on your legs or underarms or wherever you are shaving.... It does a good job at staying put when your in the shower and as your glide your razor across your skin, you are sure to escape those horrible red bumps you can sometimes get after shaving. Since using this shaving has become less of a chore and more of an enjoyment. They are pretty cheap ranging if I remember correctly from $4-6 which is dang cheap for what you get. They come in different scents and my favorite is the vanilla bliss. Smells divine! If your in the market for a new shave cream CHECK THIS OUT! :)
Your sure to love it!

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