Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So I Went to Sephora

 I cant ever seem to go into a Sephora and leave with nothing. I always see something or I linger just a little too long and get suckered in to buying something whether its one thing or a bunch of things. This trip I didn't do too much damage. 
I was rather intrigued with the Sephora brand as I have never bought anything from it and thought it wouldn't hurt and it is on the cheaper side of alot of the products they offer. So i went with the Sephora Instant Radiance Foundation in Light, and its matching concealer. I originally just went for the concealer because I wanted something that would be good for blemishes and didn't feel like dropping a ton of dough.

I also picked up this Baked Color Notebook by Sephora as well, and to be honest the adorable packaging is what lured me in at first but I have to admit these colors are gorgeous!

They are so soft and creamy, have good color pay off and I could really see traveling with this and could get many looks with this. So far I love it but I need to use it a bit more before I can say too much about any of these products. Just thought I'd let you in on some recent purchases :)
Been to Sephora lately? What did you get? 


  1. I recently went into sephora as well and ended up buying the sephora brand sunburst eyeliner from their color of the year collection! I love it, and i'll def buy something from sephora brand again!
    following you now :)
    Girl Meets Beauty

  2. Awe thats awesome! I havent tried their pantone collection yet though I saw some amazing looking products!


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