Thursday, April 5, 2012

March Favorites!

 March Favorites!
A little late, I know, but rather late then never :)

 So here they are!
Drum Roll Pleaseeee

Buxom Cream EyeShadow in Mutt
I love this as a base for my eyeshadows, I have found on its own IT WILL crease and that's not quite the look I am going for. Under eyeshadow is looks amazing though, its your typical bronzy slightly shimmery cream shadow, very smooth and very ease to apply. The nice thing about this though is that I have had it for almost a year and it hasn't shown any signs of drying up or anything! 

Mac Blush in Tenderling
I love love love love this blush for everyday, it just gives a natural color to your cheeks, its perfect for a natural flush on the cheeks, I really recommend everyone have this blush because its so simple yet looks so good!

Mac 109 Brush
I don't know what I was doing without the brush for so long, it is PERFECT for contouring and that's all I use it for, it doesn't shed too badly for me, I know some people complain about it shedding but very rarely does it ever shed on me, though maybe its because i only use it with powder products. Idk, either way I LOVE THIS BRUSH! :)

Blue Owl Necklace from Target
For the past month I have been wearing this along with my Cross Necklace that my boyfriend gave me for my birthday but I don't quite know what it is about this necklace, I love the color and its small and cute and perfect for spring.

L'oreal Liquid Liner in Black
I had always heard about how awesome this liquid liner is, if you like felt tip liners you will love this one! It is very easy to use, even for me (I suck at liquid liner). It stays on all day, the one thing i don't like about this product is that it dries to a satin finish, so it has that shine to it and I just set it with a matte black eyeshadow to fix that.

Elf Tinted Moisturizer in Nude
If you are going to try this out do not worry to much about your color selection just guesstimate and you will be fine. This reminds me a lot of the Jouer Moisture Tint, very very light coverage but just hides discoloration and evens out skin tone a bit. Doesn't look like your wearing makeup though i do recommend setting it with a powder if you have combo or oily skin. 

Stila Naturaleyes Eye Shadow Palette
I have been reaching for this palette all month long, mostly been using the color KITTEN all over the lid, GILDED GOLD in the crease and BARE on the brow bone, I love this palette, great color selection, the one thing is that these shadows are almost too soft, so they can have some fallout, just be careful not to dig your brush into the shadows as you will make them crumble. 

Hope you all enjoyed!

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