Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Empties #2

So this month I didn't really go through any makeup products (its harder then ya think). Though I did end up finishing up some more skincare items and other bits and bobs. Here they are! :)

 1. Candy Cane body was by philosophy - $16
2. Ponds evening soothe face wipes -  $5
3. Home Scents candles - $8
4. Burts Bees sensitive eye cream - $14
5. L'oreal Preference deep conditioner - Came with box dye from gosh knows when
6. Neutrogena healthy skin face powder - $12 
(I know I didn't actually finish this up though it is way way to light for me now and is getting a tad old so I thought best to just toss it, though I did hit major pan!) 

 The candles were a bit I really wanted to address because I previously posted about soy candles and how I had used up two of those in the past weeks. Well these two which are your typical candle I also finished up just a day or two ago. These are also from Target and they both smell amazing but they were quite different from the soy candles.

As you can see they have this black ring or rather stain, I am not sure but you can see from the photos and it started out small just around the top ring of the glass jar but got bigger as the candles burned further. It is a little off putting and is not at all appealing to look at. I have another one of these specific candles burning in my room at the moment and I love the scent but am not at all a fan of the soot ring it leaves behind, I may just stick to soy candles from now on seeing as they do not leave even the slightest residue. (at lease my last two didn't).

Hope you all enjoyed! Did you get through any products this month?


  1. Love your blog, I'm following now :) Feel free to check out mine!

    Laura x
    Petit Chatons

    1. awe thank you so much! I will check yours out for sure! :)


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