Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Empties #1

I have seen some people doing these types of posts and such so I figured I would jump on the bandwagon! So here we go :)

 Dove Damage Therapy Revival Shampoo and Conditioner
The shampoo had a bit of a jello like consistency which I wasn’t too fond of so just beware about that. Though the shampoo didn’t leave my hair with that dried out feeling that most do, leaving me feel like I need to use lots of conditioner. The conditioner is a good thick, but not too thick consistency and it’s moisturizing and smells wonderful. Overall I would say that these are great for the price but in my opinion they didn’t do anything super fantastic to my hair. 

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri Wheat Leave in Conditioner
This is my favorite leave in conditioner mostly because it is also a detangle that works so well! It smells like heaven and it isn’t too expensive, around $15 I believe but lasts a long while. Overall I love this and I keep trying new things but I always go back to this!

Dove Refresh + Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo
I really liked this, it worked pretty well and left no residue like some dry shampoos do. The one and biggest problem I had with this is I feel like it was leaking or something!! I got two uses out of it and didn’t use it for a week or so again and I went to use it and it was empty!!! I don’t know what the heck happened. It isn’t too expensive I think around $5 so I might go pick up another one and see how it goes another time around. All in all I would say it is a great cheap alternative to higher end dry shampoos. Just beware about it leaking or something. 

Bath and Body works Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Spray
Not much I can really say other then it’s a warm vanilla scent great for the fall and winter and I recently used it up. It’s one of those scents that simple and almost everyone can like.

Elsewhere Calming Body Mist
I have had this for years and I have just now used it up, I don’t think it’s even available anymore but I just used it for a room spray and it was great for evenings, I can’t really explain the scent, it was just light and quite calming, possibly lavender in there a bit.

Johnsons Body Care Melt Away Stress Body Wash
I LOVED this body wash, it’s really inexpensive and it just smells like nighttime and sleeping, haha its lavender and chamomile. It lathers really well and moisturizes pretty well. Mostly I love it for the smell but all around it’s a good body wash that I will repurchase.

Peter Thomas Roth Blemish Buffing Beads
I bought this to clear up some acne that I had on my chest a while back and it helped but it wasn’t a miracle worker. It smells like grapefruit and it’s not too harsh, it says you can use it on your face though I never did. I wouldn’t really recommend this because it is really expensive for something you can just find at the drugstore and since I never really saw a huge improvement compared to some drugstore products I won’t be repurchasing it.

Studio 35 Beauty Polish Remover
Just your average polish remover, really nothing too special. Haha.

Korres Antiageing Primer
This primer is very hydrating and a cream like texture, there is no silicone feeling to it so if that is something you look for in a primer you might want to check this out, I could see this working really well for those with dry skin. If you’re in the market I would check this out, it didn’t cause my skin any problems which is always a plus!

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