Monday, April 16, 2012

Fresh Flowers

I was inspired by Sarah Hawkinson whom is a beauty blogger and youtuber as you might say, I absolutely love her videos and her blog is beautiful! Anyways so she mentioned that she had recently gotten some fresh flowers for her room thought hmmmm... thats a really good idea! Flowers brighten your mood, and are always pretty so I was grocery shopping with my mom the other day and I thought I would check out their selection and I am so glad I did.

The first set I bought were lilies which are my favorite flowers in the whole entire world, I cannot stress enough how much I adore lilies. I set them up on my makeup table area which I thought to be a nice addition.

Next I bought these flowers which are typical white daisies but they were so pretty and fresh looking I thought why not! The best part was that each set were only $4. You heard me! $4!!

So I set these pretty babies up on my computer table/desk area.

I am loving the new additions to my room and think every girl should have some fresh flowers around somewhere, just a nice pick me up.

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