Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April Favorites 2012

April was a bit of an odd month for me, I didn't really stick to any certain look or string of products I kind of just jumped around as far as what I was in the mood for and have been trying out some new things. 
So this is what I came up with that I really thought was worth sharing.

First up is this white cardigan from Forever21. I believe I got it on sale a month or two back and I am pretty sure it was $16-18, so not to bad. I love this thing, it seems to be my savior when I think I need a little more coverage but I can take it off if I feel too hot (I am in the humid Texas weather ya know). Its simple, sweet and girly. I love it!

Another two items I had to feature were the Revlon eye shading brush, I love this brush for blending out the crease and softening up any harsh colors. Its a definite go to brush for me.

As well as the Josie Maran Argan Oil, I personally use this on my face, I add a drop or two to my night moisturizer and rub it in my skin, I feel this has been a real reason why my skin tone and texture has improved so much, my skin has evened out a lot and the texture is baby smooth. Love this product!

Two makeup products that I think are so amazing for the warmer sunnier months are the Laura Geller Spackle makeup primer (left). It has a bit of sheen to give you that extra glow without looking greasy or oily as well as making your makeup last a little longer. Then there is Benefits Highbeam highlighter which everyone knows and this has just been my go to highlighter when I feel I need a little extra umph.  

Lastly  is the E.L.F eyebrow kit in medium as well as the Eyebrow and Lash gel, I use the wax side mostly and just use the brush it came with, every now and then if i want fuller brows I will use the powder but usually just the wax then topped with the gel, Its amazing and a perfect match for my brows. At only $3 you cant go wrong!

What were your stand out products this month?!


  1. I have a mini high beam & love it! I have a few staples (sanctuary face oil esp) but apart from that go from product to random product too. x hivenn

    1. OOOH! I will have to see what thats all about :)

  2. Replies
    1. Its great and natural looking, what other highlights do you like?


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