Monday, April 23, 2012

Favorite Nude Lip Combo ATM

I have always loved nude lips, wether it was paired with a smokey eye or even paired with a simple understated eye to give a more natural appearance to my overall look. 

I have had the Buxom Lipgloss in Samantha for well over a year now, I want to say about two years really. I got it in some buxom kit that was on sale at Sephora back when and at the time I don't think you were able to get it seperately however now it is part of the permanent Buxom Lipgloss line. If you are a lover of nude lips or nude glosses, GO CHECK THIS OUT. It has that minty/tingly/cooling feel that a lot of plumping glosses have. I personally love that feeling. 

A couple days ago I decided to pair it with the ever coveted Revlon Colorbusrt Lipstick in Soft Nude and was amazed! The Revlon Lipstick looks so perfect on my lips now that I have a bit of a summery tan. Its a light beige nude with more of a peach undertone then pink but suits my skin well. 

Paired together these work fabulously and I can already tell this is going to be my go to nude lip for the duration of this summer and coming fall. 

What do you lovelies think? What are some of your favorite nude lip combinations?


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