Friday, June 8, 2012

Buxom Stay There Cream Eyeshadow

I haven't heard much about the Buxom Stay There Cream eyeshadows on youtube or on blogs for that matter, so I thought I would let all who were possibly wondering or considering purchasing, a little about this product. So these run about $18 and compared to the MAC Paint Pots or the Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream eyeshadows they are alot smaller.
The color I have is called Mutt and it is the most natural looking one in my opinion. There is another one that is a gold color but the name escapes me at the moment. 
Its a sheer wash of color that looks good under anything or on its own. Its velvety smooth and has lasted me surprisingly long for how small it is. I have been using this every day for months now and its only a dent as you can see. 
I would reccomend checking these out and seeing if you like them before purchasing. They are much softer in texture then any other cream shadow I have ever felt which is probably why I like them so much.
Overall a wonderful product but some may be off put by the small size.

What are some of your favorite cream shadows?

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