Friday, June 8, 2012

A Quick Update

So I figured I should do a little update as to why the posts have become more far and few between. I used to work at the ever so famous Starbucks but then had the opportunity to go after a career or job dealing with makeup. I thought it a bit of a long shot but figured why not since this is the field I have been wanting to get into for forever now. I got a call from a department store asking if I was interested in working for Estee Lauder. I was shocked and thought to myself "Hell yeah I am!" So i went in for an interview. I thought it would be for a Beauty Associate position which is basically entry level. Then they asked if I would like to be their new Counter Manager. I looked at the manager like she had gone crazy, was she looking at the same application I put in? Did she know who she was interviewing. I ended up taking the position and have been settling in at my new job for about a week or two now. 
Lets just say I LOVE IT! I am so excited and there is much work to be done so that's why the posts have been a bit far between lately. Though now that I am getting into the swing of things they will be coming more often. Hope you all are well and having as blessed a day as I am. 

Do you have any recent exciting news?

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