Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My New Favorite Makeup Remover

About two months ago I picked this up from my local Origins counter. It is the first and only cleansing oil I have ever tried. I have to say that it has sold me on the whole Cleansing Oil idea. I have rather dry and sensitive skin with mild rosacea. This takes off everything I might have on, it takes about 4 to 5 pumps, I smooth it over dry skin and massage it into my face. Its really easy and quick. The thing I love the most about this product though, is how gentle it is to my skin. There is no tugging and pulling with a wipe (which is what I have been using for many years now). It suits my dry skin and I would highly recommend anyone with normal to dry skin especially those who do not like tugging at their skin, to try this out. I am sure even slightly oily skin types would like this since it just rinses off in the end anyway. 
It is only $21.00 and I have had this bottle about two months and I haven't even used half of it. The pump only costs $1.50 so that's not bad at all. 
If there is an origins counter near you, check this out, I love it. 



  1. Ooh that looks lovely! I always worry that I am pulling my skin around with wipes, will have to give this a go! Also, LOVE your ring! And congrats on your new job!

    1. Once I tried this I realized how harsh wipes were on my skin, its a great alternative! :) Thanks so much, I have had it for years upon years haha.

  2. I have a also a sensitiv skin with rosacea (not dry but mixed) and i found out that vegetable oils are very nice for hydrating my skin. Because whatever moisturiser i use, certainly fluids that are recommended for rosacea, I always end up with a very dry skin. To remove make-up i use almond oil or safflower oil on cotton wipes. Coconut oil is also very good. Afterwards i use a spray of hydrolate of chamomille (use the natural ones without alcohol)
    At night i use The lotus oil of Clarins, but for sensitive dry skin the sandalwood oil is also very nice. I don't use any moisturiser anymore at night : the oil nourrishes my skin much more (and it's cheaper) of course : you have to watch out a bit : oil can go rancid (but that happens not so fast)


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