Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Body Shop Vitamin E Range Review

I posted a couple weeks back that I stopped by The Body Shop to pick up some skincare necessities since I had been suffering from some rosacea breakouts and sensitivity issues. I have dry skin and saw from a couple fellow bloggers and girls I love to watch on YouTube that The Body Shop's Vitamin E range was quite good. I went all out and purchased practically the whole line.

Cleanser - $14.50
Toner - $12.50
Moisturizer - $16.50
Face Mist - $16.00

Now as for how all of these items worked out, the cleanser left my skin feeling soft and clean but not at all tight or stripped which was a nice change from most cleansers I use. The Hydrating Toner was a bit of a stretch for me because toners have never worked out in the past but this didn't leave my skin tight or dried out. It felt nourished though I wouldn't say it was really hydrated all that much. The moisturizer was in between a lotion and a thick cream which felt nice and refreshing, it sunk in quick and left me moisturized yet not greasy. Lastly the facial mist, it was not something I used often just because it made me really nervous. I haven't had good luck with face mists or toners in the past as they have all broken me out so I was hesitant to really give this a good try. I did use it a couple of times and from what i could tell it worked in the sense that it hydrated my skin when I felt a bit dry and I used it alone as well as over my makeup. I wouldn't say it should be used as a setting spray by any means but as a refresher though out the day.
Overall these products were a middle of the line type of range. Nothing too extraordinary but definitely not horrible. 
NOW, that the basic review is out of the way I HAVE to mention that all but one of these products contain quite a bit of artificial fragrance, which for me, with my skin condition (being rosacea) is HORRIBLE. I really liked all of these products however, because of the large amount of fragrance in them they caused a bit of a rash on my skin. I have come to find that fragrance, alcohol, and mineral oil are not good for my skin what so ever, I always end up with a bumpy rash on my skin. Very similar looking to acne though not filled with anything (sorry to get so detailed). 
If your skin isn't sensitive to fragrance you will love this line, but if you are, I would stray from this and lean towards the aloe range which I have heard is much better for sensitive skin as it is fragrance free and much more soothing. 


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